We live in a time when intolerance and populism every day recruit new followers, greed, avarice and jealousy are suitable for advertising and freedom is confused with consumption. People are marketed as "human capital", stock market values determine political action and education is becoming a training. The result is war, a flood of refugees, famines, global warming and pollution, poison in the air and food, insect mortality and rising cancer rates. Human rights are being sidelined as long as the profit is sufficant !

Don't worry ! We don't want to start a party or a sect !  Violence is not our thing - education is the key ! Learn to say "NO" and reduce constraints, question yourself, your values, your needs, your friends, just learn to question everything ! Then you are on the rocky road to yourself. Learn to sacrify, to fall and to stand up again. At least you will grow stronger each time, the truth will reveal and you’ll stand upright against all odds !

Babylon or the dance around the golden calf :


The values of the French Revolution  "freedom, equality, fraternity" have become surveillance, hierarchy and litigation. Is that the end?

We also compromise daily to survive in this Babylon system. The road is long, we follow it further, until the end of time. Our songs are part of our identity and our spirituality. They reflect the life we lead, the daily struggle we are fencing and the knowledge that makes us grow. They are expression of our livity and our visions. We don’t want any  "ism" on our rhythm. If you need to name us, just call  I’n I  "HUMAN".

If you live the Roots and you speak the truth, I’ll call you an African Roots !